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Fly Tying, Fishing and Casting School

Although I am not a certified casting instructor since somehow I was never attracted by certifications and diplomas, many worldwide famous anglers can testify of my casting skills. Fly casting for me is not only a science, it is a combo of science and art without any boundaries.


I had the honour to cast, teach and fish together with many Certified Master Instructors, and had the pleasure to benefit from the finesse of their artistic casting, as I also had a pleasure to fish and cast with many famous fly fishermen who can do magic with the fly line in their hand. Observing, learning and practicing has turned me into a casting perfectionist, something I do with passion and always try to pass it on to others.


Every year I hold fly casting courses for all levels, mainly for smaller groups. The courses you won’t find in my schedule since I prefer spontaneous arrangement rather than fixed dates. The only courses I hold twice a year are the courses with the Master Flycasting Instructor, Mr Hans Spinnler which take place always in spring and autumn. Furthermore, every year I organize a fly fishing school for kids and youngsters where I do my best to pass my knowledge to the younger generations. If you are interested in a specific flyfishing course with me specifically tailored for you then you are at the right address

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