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Bosnians like to believe that this is the country where fly fishing started, hence in the country devastated by the war, the gin clear waters flowing through untouched and unspoiled nature are one of the last treasuries the country still possesses.

I do get asked from anglers a lot if it is dangerous to come to Bosnia to fish. Well, if hundreds of articles written and published by the biggest fly fishing magazines in the world are not sufficient, and if thousands of reports and pictures posted in social media by world’s best fly fishermen are still not enough, then let me tell you one thing, Bosnia is one of the safest place to be when it comes to fly fishing. In most of the rivers we fish in remote areas where you barely meet anyone, but the locals you meet are very friendly and eager to help any angler. There are no mines, explosive materials or any sort of danger in and near the areas we fish.

Bosnian waters are well known in Europe as one of the few bastions left with wild fish population of grayling and brown trout also in big sizes. If you exclude Unac at Martin Brod, no fish stock is performed in Bosnian rivers we fish, except for the fish brought back to the main rivers form the small tributaries where fish go to spawn. Not to forget, Sana and Una rivers are one of the very few rivers in Europe where the king of our rivers reproduces in big numbers naturally, the HUCHO (Danube Salmon).

Bosnia offers a variety of waters, from ice-cold chalk streams like Ribnik, Pliva and Sanica rich in insect life and trophy Grayling and Brown Trout, to faster flowing and bigger rivers like Una, Unac, Sana, Neretva, Vrbas, etc., where fishermen have the opportunity to fish for the salmonid species of Europe.

There is no National License in Bosnia allowing you to fish the entire region with one licenses, the so called Fly Only stretches operate on basis of daily license, while some associations provide with a 3-day license for some of the fly only licenses. The prices vary from 25 to 50 EUR a day, depending on the river and stretch.

Season opens on 1 March in most of the rivers and ends at the end of the year, with few exceptions. Ribnik, Pliva and Upper Sana are open throughout the year. A stretch of Una only opens 1 May as well as Neretva. And Una and Neretva also close earlier, end of October respectively end of November.

Depending on water levels, fishing is good throughout the season, though my favourite times are March through May, and then September through November.

Fishing season for HUCHO starts mid-June and ends mid-February

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All About Me

Ado Bosnian Fly Fishing Guide

Born in 1978 in the beautiful small town of Ključ, North-west of the amazing country called Bosnia and Hercegovina. The town is situated at the river bank of Sana river, one of the few HUCHO (Danube Salmon) wild habitats in Europe.


I have always had a huge passion for fishing for as long as I can remember, and always ensured that any spare time I had I would spend in the water, fishing! As a very small boy I was hooked up with fly fishing at a tributary of Sana river, Sanica. First steps were fishing with a wooden stick, a bit of thread and grasshopper on a hook, to start later with tying flies, getting the first fly gear and making my first fly fishing steps.


I personally meet hundreds of fly fishermen every year, coaching many of them beginners and advanced of our Bosnian fly fishing techniques. However, whenever there is an opportunity and when I am not busy with rod building or tying flies, I do spend the time in waters trying to learn more and more. From my experience of approximately 300+ days in the water for the last 20 years, fly fishing is an art and technique which can never be perfectioned; one will always learn something new, and every knowledge gained I do my best to pass to my clients, friends and youth through various casting and fly fishing clinics I organize.


A married guy and a father of a lovely little girl called Sana, named by the river of my childhood, I rarely have free time given my engagement with guiding, fly tying and rod building, but I hope one day my daughter will take over the business from me as she has already shown the talent and passion for fly fishing. Very recently I have taken over a fly fishing shop in the town of Ključ, located within the premises of the incredible fishing hotel “Kraljevac”, where majority of my fishing guests reside. I have also built a workshop for my rod building and have recently increased the number of rod built for my clients.


My goal is to have fun together with my clients, irrespective if fishing together, guiding, tying flies, building rods, or all these combined. I have held local and international workshops in fly tying, and soon plan to do so with fly rod building and fly casting. My passion related to fly fishing is that big that cannot be explained in words, but I look forward to an opportunity in meeting with you in person and let my passion guide you through a fish of your dreams.


Specialized in all types of fly fishing, dry fly, Bosnian nymphing, euro-nymphing, streamer, wet flies, single and double-handed rods, I cannot really pick up the technique I like most. I like fishing challenging waters and I like hunting for big grayling, wild brown trout, softmouth trout and for the queen of our waters, THE HUCHO.



Fly Fishing Services

Nice Brown Trout from River Ribnik
Hotel Krajevac Kljuc
Custom Fibre Glass Fly rod with stone fly

Guiding on Bosnia's rivers

I have been guiding clients in various Bosnian, Croatian and Slovenian rivers for the last 15 years. I have guided together with big names in the fly fishing world, and I have also fished with many of them. This has just helped me improve my guiding services. I offer guiding for 1 to a maximum group of 4. In case of a group of more than 4 people then I bring the second guide from my guiding team.

Guided Fishing Trips

We have a partnership with a modern and extremly well equiped lodge called Krajevac located just outside Kljuc on the banks of the beautiful river Sana.

We can tailor a guided package to suit your every need, providing you with excellent accodation, guiding services for small or large parties and arrange transfers to and from airports.

Custom Rod Building

I can build a rod of your dreams, just let me know what you are looking for. My speciality has recently been modern fiberglass rods since I like to play with combination of various colours.

Ado's Fly fishing Tackle Shop Klujc
Ado Fly Tying Materials
Bosnia fly fishing school

Fly Fishing Tackle Shop

Within the premises of Hotel Kraljevac you will find my fly fishing shop, the only pure fly fishing shop in the entire country. In my shop you can find products from all over the world. I am the country dealer for SIMMS, Lamson, Field & Fish, Hends, Soldarini Fly Tackle and many other brands.

In the shop you will also find my hand built-rods, but you can also order one of your choice which I will happily build for you. 

In my shop you can also find a variety of fly-tying materials from all over the world, as well as my own product of fly-tying threads and wires which are really unique. And, of course my special flies which I proudly share with my clients.

Fly Tying

I sell flies tied from the highest quality materials, but few dozen of them is all you can get. Bulk sale of flies I only do for two international shops, and I prefer to dedicate my tying time to them.

Fishing And Casting School

I have conducted many fly casting courses during the last 15 years. Since last year, hosted by Andino Reisen, I conduct fly casting and fly fishing courses together with Master Fly Casting Instructor, Mr Hans Sipnnler. The courses are held twice a year. Furthermore, I also deliver casting clinics with other international instructors and world known fly fishermen. The experience I have gained allows me to tailor a special fly casting course for each category of fishermen, both single and double-handed. Every year I deliver fly tying courses in Switzerland, and occasionally in Austria as well. Should you need a specially tailored fly casting or fly tying course do not hesitate to contact me.

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