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Within the premises of Hotel Kraljevac you will find my fly fishing shop, the only pure fly fishing shop in the entire country. In my shop you can find products from all over the world. I am the country dealer for SIMMS, Lamson, Field & Fish, Hends, Soldarini Fly Tackle and many other brands.

In the shop you will also find my hand built-rods, but you can also order one of your choice which I will happily build for you. I use V-Stick blanks from Renato Vitalini, CTS, Sage, Blue Hallo, Soldarini, Hends and Moonlite. Furthermore, all other hardware (real seats, guides, etc) is of high quality and you can choose from Pacific Bay to REC, though the most commonly used ones for my clients are ALPS, Lemke and Sage.

In my shop you can also find a variety of fly-tying materials from all over the world, as well as my own product of fly-tying threads and wires which are really unique. And, of course my special flies which I proudly share with my clients. My flies are sold all over the world, and I supply two European shops with flies.

Fly Fishing Tackle Shop in Klujc

Waterworks Lamson

SImms Waders

Hends Products

field and fish

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